Thursday, October 20, 2011

ASHRAE Research 2011-2012 Campaign

We would like to extend a very sincere THANK YOU to all of our donors. It is because of your dedication and generosity that we are able to support the research of tomorrow, TODAY!

It is the research program that sets ASHRAE apart from other professional societies and associations of its kind. ASHRAE’s Handbook series, technical programs, standards, and special publications all utilize the results of Research.

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If you have questions regarding ASHRAE Research, Education (ASHRAE Learning Institute), ASHRAE Foundation, or General Fund for special projects and programs, please contact your 2011-2012 Chapter RP Chair: David Landers at 425-456-2381 or

The History of ASHRAE Research

An interest in research can be traced to the very roots of the Society. At the first annual meeting of the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers (ASRE), one of ASHRAE’s predecessor societies, an initial order of business dealt with research. They passed a resolution recommending the U.S. Department of Agriculture equip and maintain a cold storage plant for the purpose of research. They also appointed a committee of five members to work on the establishment of a standard unit or “ton” of refrigeration.

In a similar vein, another ASHRAE forbearer, the American Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers (ASHVE) recognized that “the practice of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning was more of an art than a science.” ASHVE took steps to correct this by initiating a Research Bureau that was to open in 1917 but was delayed because of World War I and concerns over engineering espionage.

When the Bureau was able to be opened in 1919, the first study was of the build-up of Carbon Dioxide in NY apartments. This facility was located in three rooms in the US Bureau of Mines Experiment Station in Pittsburgh, PA. Since the founding of this research establishment, more than $50 million has been raised to support ASHRAE Research.

ASHRAE’s Research Vision

ASHRAE conducts timely research to remain the foremost, authoritative and responsive international source of technical and educational information, standards and guides on the interaction between people and the indoor and outdoor environment through the operation of HVAC&R systems in buildings and other applications.

Current ASHRAE Research Projects in our Region

Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings
Cost: $105,000
Awardee: Morrison Hershfield, Ltd.

Study of Carbon Dioxide Condensation in a Chevron Angle Plate Heat Exchanger
Cost: $89,315
Awardee: Washington State University

Building Energy Simulation of Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilators
Cost: $10,000
Awardee: University of Saskatchewan

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