Friday, November 28, 2008

Research Promotion Acknowledgement, December 10 2008

Each year we at Puget Sound ASHRAE like to thank our members for the contributions the have made to ASHRAE's Research program. This year, we have much to be thankful for, as Puget Sound Chapter members donated over $12,500 to what is the largest fundamental and applied research program supported by a technical society in the world.

The contributors to ASHRAE Research for FY2007/08 from Puget Sound Chapter are:

  • Mr Roderick R Kirkwood, PE
  • Franklin Engineering Mech Consulting
  • Mr James R Luddon, Jr, PE
  • In Control Inc
  • Mr John A Ramstead
  • Mr James J Pechan
  • Mr Robert O Dorse
  • Specification Sales Inc
  • Air Commodities Inc
  • Michael A Crawford, PE
  • Mr Jay T McCarthy
  • Mr Hans G Person, PE
  • Mr Joel K Jackman, PE
  • Mr Sotero Y Go, PE
  • Mr Erling J Olsen, PE
  • Mr Arthur S Yorozu, PE
  • Mr Earl W Tidball, PE
  • Mr Peter J Hemmen, PE
  • Mr James E Harrison, PE
  • Mr John F Bergo
  • Mr Timothy L Burns, PE
  • Ms Leslie A Jonsson
  • Mr Michael A Byron
  • Mr Scott T Sherman
  • Mr Gary R Williamson, PE
  • Mr David A Osborne
  • Mr David P Porter, PE
  • Mr Thomas Cyril Boysen, Jr, PE
  • Mr Joseph Stagg
  • Air Tec Company - Seattle
  • Ms Jill A Connell, PE
  • Mr David John Landers
  • Mr Richard D Kunkle, PE
  • Mr Scott P Vollmoeller
  • Ms Angela B Lavigne, PE
  • Ms Lisa L Rosenow
  • Mr Jerry Lilly
  • Mr M David Gardner, PE
  • Mr Lloyd D Opfer
  • Mr Donald D Macinnes, PE
  • Mr Charles W Mathisson
  • Ms Martha E Rowland, PE
  • Mckinstry Company

And a special thanks for our contributors of $500 or more:
  • Baron W Derr, in the name of SMACNA of Western Washington
  • Mr Michael N Otani, in the name of Air Commodities in memorial of Harold Straub, Titus
  • Mr Reed C Lyons, PE, in the name of Aardvark Engineering Services
And almost $3,500 was donated in the name of the chapter from funds raised at the Golf Tournament and other chapter events! Come join us December 10th for recognition of our donors and for special recognition of our high-level donors!