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Roderick Richard Kirkwood 1920-2010 - UPDATE

Memorial services for Rod will be Wednesday, June 16th at Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent
There will be attendants directing attendees in their cars at the cemetery entrance in a procession of cars to the ceremony location PROMPTLY at 1:00. If people are late they will miss the procession. The ceremony will be short with the presenting of colors. Flowers will not be allowed, but if desired, a donation can be made to a charity of their choice or to ASHRAE.

Roderick Richard Kirkwood, who resided in Kent, Washington, passed away at his home on May 6th 2010. He was born January 11th 1920 in St Paul, Minnesota. He was preceded in death by Virginia, his wife of 45 years and his second wife, Sharon Kirkwood to whom he was married 18 years. He is survived by his son, Roderick V Kirkwood (Joan), daughter Carolyn S (Evan) Buehl, step-sons Tyler (Dominika) Fullerton, Troy (Gwendolyn) Fullerton and Todd (Zoila) Fullerton and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was highly recognized for his active role in the design and development aspect of the building industry for 56 years, of which 46 were with John Graham and Co. Architects, Engineers and Planners. He started as a mechanical engineer, rising to Partner and then President of John Graham and Co in 1976. He was active in the Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Rainier Club and International President of ASHRAE (American society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers) in 1973/74. He was most proud of his time spent as a design team member for the Space Needle. He retired in 1998. After retirement, he enjoyed time with his wife Sharon, traveling, and pursuing his passion of naturopathic healing. Internment will be at the Tahoma National Cemetery in Kent, 18600 S.E. 240th Street; 425-413-9614. The date and time for the memorial/celebration of life to be announced in early June. In lieu of flowers, donations may be directed to a charity of choice.

Published in The Seattle Times from May 16 to May 19, 2010

The following will be published in the June issue of ASHRAE Insights:

Just four months after celebrating his 90th birthday, ASHRAE Presidential Member Roderick R. Kirkwood died May 6 at his home in Kent, Wash.

Presidential Member Kirkwood, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, served as president of ASHRAE in 1973-74, leading the Society in its development of Standard 90.1 for energy efficiency, the first energy standard in the nation. An article written by Kirkwood about Standard 90.1 is appearing in the June issue of ASHRAE Journal, as part of a series of articles on the 35th anniversary of the standard.

Kirkwood was honored with a 90th birthday celebration at the January meeting of the Puget Sound Chapter. For his birthday, Kirkwood was presented with a letter of congratulations from current ASHRAE President Gordon Holness.

“I reviewed with interest your address to the Society in 1973 – Optimum Energy Utilization Through Technology,” Holness wrote. “Your words of more than a quarter of a century ago ring as true today as they did then. Your recognition of the need for action led ASHRAE to initiate the development of this country’s first energy conservation standard, 90-75, and confirmed our ability to reduce energy utilization while lowering life-cycle costs.”

Kirkwood noted in his presidential speech, “ASHRAE’s membership is concerned about utilization of energy, not with its production. We, as engineers, designers, manufacturers and technicians, can help to reduce the shortage of energy by using our technology to assure that the utilization of energy is optimized. If we don’t take the forefront in this, we must expect others to take over.”

His Society involvement began as an ASHVE member in 1946. At the local chapter level, Kirkwood held all positions in the Puget Sound Chapter. In 1963, he became a member of the Board of Directors, which culminated in his being elected president for 1972-74. As ASHRAE president, he understood the importance of an energy standard in American HVAC design and initiated Standard 90-75, Energy Conservation in New Building Designs. He continued to serve the Society after leaving the presidential office, most recently serving on the Historical Committee.

His ASHRAE recognition includes a Distinguished Service Award and a Distinguished 50-Year Member Award.

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Washington State Non-Residential Energy Code Webinar Series

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council is offering a three-part webinar series about the 2009 Non-Residential Energy Code. Experts from the industry will discuss significant changes in the upcoming code and address frequently asked questions. (Note that the 2009 Washington State Energy Code now requires occupancies other than single family residential to comply with the NREC section of the code.)

Topic highlights include:

Monday, May 24th from 10:00-11:00am
Presented by NEEC staff and Michael Lane, LC, of the Lighting Design Lab

• Interior and exterior lighting power allowances
• Lighting system control requirements
• Specific daylight zone control requirements
• New chapter on Energy Metering

Thursday, May 27th from 10:00-11:00am
Presented by NEEC staff and Scott Rushing, PE, LEED® AP, of the Rushing Company

• Mechanical equipment efficiency requirements
• Economizer requirements and exceptions
• Variable flow requirements for hydronic systems
• Appendix G based RS-29 systems analysis
• Commissioning documentation requirements

Tuesday, June 1st from 10:00-11:00am
Presented by NEEC staff and John Hogan, AIA, PE, LEED® AP, of the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD)

• Area weighting guidelines for opaque envelope
• Air leakage criteria and documentation requirements
• Solar heat gain coefficient requirements and projection factor multipliers
• Specific requirements for cold storage facilities
All webinars are free, however you must register to be able to view the live presentations and submit questions. To participate all you need is a desktop browser and a telephone.

Simply click on the listed webinar title above.

Contact Lisa at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council at

Support for this webinar series is provided by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

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PSA Chapter History

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