Friday, February 27, 2009

Registration Open for 2009 CRC in Spokane

Members of Puget Sound ASHRAE have a rare opportunity this year--Our region's (Region XI) Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) will be held in Spokane, WA. The CRC is being hosted by the Inland Empire Chapter and our close proximity to the event makes it a lot easier for Puget Sound Chapter members to attend.
Why should you be interested in attending this event? Well, first the CRC give members a unique opportunity to meet with ASHRAE members across our region, which spans through much of the Northern regions of North America:

Attendees get to meet great people who are doing the same things in different parts of the US and Canada and to share fresh perspectives with each other. Attendees also get to meet and talk with the regional officers who direct the day-to-day business and chart the strategic goals for the region. And, for many attendees, the CRC is an unmatched opportunity to learn more about ASHRAE and how it works.

But that's not all. The CRC also provides a technical seminar program providing educational opportunities for attendees, factory tours, excursions, etc.

You can learn more about this year's CRC, which is held May 7th - May 9th at the Region XI CRC Website, or register for the conference at the registration page. Note that you can save money on your registration by mailing in your forms before March 15th!