Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seattle Energy Code Update - September 2011

One item has been posted on the Seattle Energy Code website for download within the last month. This can be accessed from the right hand navigation tab on the Seattle Energy Code homepage:

- The electronic version of the Building Envelope form (2009sec-ENG.xls, 727 KB) has been updated to correct the formula in cell F9 of the ENV-VT worksheet. If you previously downloaded this form, please replace it with the one now posted on the Nonresidential and Multifamily Residential Forms page:http://www.seattle.gov/DPD/Codes/Energy_Code/Overview/forms_non.asp

A reminder that, when using the Component Performance option for the Building Envelope in nonresidential and multifamily residential spaces:

1. Compliance must be calculated separately for the building envelope for nonresidential spaces and for multifamily residential spaces.

2. For multifamily residential spaces, compliance must be shown for

a. Target UA, AND
b. Target SHGCA (where there are skylights).

3. For nonresidential spaces, compliance must be shown for

a. Target UA, AND
b. Target SHGCA, AND
c. Target VTA (when the fenestration area exceeds 30%).

Consequently, when using the electronic versions of the compliance forms, multiple worksheets need to be completed.

For Energy Code questions, please contact Shailesh Desai at shailesh.desai@seattle.gov or 206-233-7860.


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