Monday, July 16, 2012

Preservation Green Lab Presentation:
SEDR is hosting a presentation by the Preservation Green Lab
When: Monday, July 23rd from Noon to 1pm.
Where: 4th Floor Conference Room in City Centre, 1420 5th Ave, Downtown Seattle.
Speakers: Ric Cochrane (Preservation Green Lab) Joe Giampietro, (Designer and Developer)

The sustainable design community has traditionally focused its efforts on new commercial construction, usually involving larger projects. This focus has started to widen recently with the realization that investments made in green renovations of the existing commercial building stock can be leveraged to produce
considerable energy savings and a significant reduction in their carbon footprints. Existing commercial buildings under 50,000 sq ft make up over 95% of the commercial building stock (by number) and represent an immense cache of embodied energy. With this in mind, the National Trust for Historic Preservation
founded Preservation Green Lab in 2009. It is focused on developing approaches and policies that will make green renovation of existing buildings easier to accomplish and more viable in the eyes of all participants.
Several cities (NYC, San Francisco, Seattle…) are now starting to implement regulations and consider approaches that recognize the value of renovating existing buildings and the special issues and opportunities that are likely to be encountered. Ric Cochrane, the Building Performance Programs Manager at PGL, will be talking about some of these cultural, political and scientific factors that are behind this emerging
awareness and area of practice. He will be using the recent green renovation of the 95 year old Terry Avenue Building in south Lake Union as a case study to illustrate the opportunities and challenges that are inherent in this newly emerging area. Joe Giampietro, an architect whose CV includes both a long
history of practice in sustainable design and a stint as a property developer, will be providing some observations and insights that come from the perspective of the development community. SEDR is the Seattle Energy & Design Roundtable, with gatherings on the 3rd Monday of each month to discuss how to
inform energy-efficient design with software and metrics.
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