Thursday, April 12, 2012

ESCO Solicitation - King County

ESCO Registry Application
King County Procurement and Contract Services Section is soliciting energy service contractors or firms (“Firms”) for inclusion in the King County Energy Service Contractor Registry (“Registry”). Under Chapter 39.35A RCW, Firms may be selected by King County to help identify, implement and/or finance energy, utility efficiency, and resource conservation projects on designated facilities or structures owned and/or operated by King County (“Energy Services”). The agreement between the County and the selected Firm shall be through the creation of an Energy Service Performance Contract (“Contract”) for which payment to the selected Firm is conditional on achieving contractually specified costs savings on the Contract.

The County intends to utilize the Registry to establish a pre-qualified list of Firms capable of providing Energy Services. Firms placed within the Registry will be offered an opportunity to compete with other pre-qualified Firms by submitting proposals to be evaluated by the County through a Request for Proposal solicitation process. These projects will not be advertised.

Prospective Firms can apply for entrance to the Registry at any time. The Registry will be designated by categories and prospective Firms are encouraged to apply only for those categories they are qualified to perform.

Application can be downloaded at the link below:

Fill in the forms and email the completed application and all appropriate documentations to Darren Chernick at

If you have any questions regarding the application or this process, please feel free to contact Darren Chernick at or 206-263-9321.

You can visit the Procurement and Contract Services Section home page at:

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