Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ASHRAE - Government Fellowships

ASHRAE leaders-

We are looking for your help in getting the word out to ASHRAE members of a unique and challenging opportunity for growth in Washington, DC.

ASHRAE is sponsoring a 12- to 18-month fellowship program with placement at the Department of Energy in the Office of Building Technologies, Building Energy Codes Program in Washington, DC. This fellowship provides the traditional ASHRAE Member with exposure to the area of public policy. This assignment will enable a selected ASHRAE member to assist DOE in one of the following code deployment activities:

1.                  Code Compliance;
2.                  Residential Duct Test Training;
3.                  Assessment of the Impact of Updating State Energy Codes; or
4.                  Advanced Energy Code Training.

Federal government fellowships provide a valuable public service to the nation while, at the same time, providing engineers and scientists with a unique opportunity to participate directly in the policy-making process. This is an exciting, rewarding, and educational period in their professional careers. This enriching experience enables ASHRAE/DOE Fellows to bring back to their employers an insider's perspective on government decision-making that can contribute significantly to the mission and vision of the organization.

If you know of any members in your regions and/or chapters who might be a good fit for this opportunity, please have them contact Doug Read email, our Director of Government Affairs, at their earliest convenience.

Thanks for your attention - and we look forward to interest from your members to play an integral role in growing the relationship between DOE and ASHRAE.

Mark Wills

Mark Wills, Manager - State and Local Government Affairs
1828 L Street N.W Suite #810 Washington, DC 20036
Direct Line: 202-833-1830 ext 2003     Fax: 202-833-0118     eMail: MWills@ashrae.org     Web: www.ASHRAE.org

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