Thursday, February 16, 2012

Job Posting - City of Seattle

The Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) is seeking to hire a Resource Conservation Coordinator to lead the development and implementation of a Resource Conservation Management Plan (RCMP) for the City of Seattle. This position will work in coordination with OSE and multiple departments to create a comprehensive strategy to guide energy efficiency and water conservation investments across departments and in all existing City facilities.  In addition to the necessary data analysis for the Plan, this position will lead data gathering, analysis and verification for the City’s municipal operations greenhouse gas inventory.
The RCMP will be used to inform City policy and investments and will outline the strategies, processes, and funding mechanisms required to meet the City’s short- and long-term resource conservation goals, including a 20% reduction in energy use by 2020. The RCMP would include a comprehensive municipal building inventory, including information on resource intensity, building characteristics, and utility information; a process for tracking resource consumption, assessing efficiency opportunities, and identifying capital projects; and a process for prioritization and developing cost-effective investment packages.  The Conservation Coordinator will require a broad range of skills including technical expertise, knowledge of financing mechanisms and proficiency with policy development. The position will also require extensive collaboration with utilities and across departmental lines and will advise elected officials and senior management.
 Job Responsibilities:
  • Lead process to develop and implement the RCMP;
  • Develop budgeting mechanisms and identify financing opportunities;
  • Create and maintain centralized energy and water consumption database, and monitor resource use;
  • Coordinate City department efforts to implement RCMP and achieve City's efficiency goals;
  • Create and staff a City Resource Conservation Steering Committee;
  • Manage process for ongoing assessment, project priorization, audits, recommissioning, etc;
  • Help manage conservation projects for departments that do not have resource conservation managers;
  • Conduct the City's municipal operations greenhouse gas inventory.
Required Qualifications:Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, engineering, architecture, environmental science, economics or other related field required. The equivalent of four years of experience in resource conservation, budget or policy analysis and development, technical project management, or a related field. Technical understanding of building science and HVAC systems. Familiar with financing models and cost benefit and life-cycle analysis techniques. Experience advising senior management on policy development, program direction, and allocation of resources. Experience leading multidisciplinary teams across organizational lines and the ability to work collaboratively and successfully with stakeholder groups. Strong leadership, analytical and communication skills. Ability to work well independently and in a collaborative environment. Ability to manage workload and priorities. Ability to work with demanding and competing deadlines. 

Desirable Qualifications:
Master’s Degree in business or public administration, engineering, architecture, environmental science, economics or other related field. Four years experience developing, implementing and financing effective energy/resource conservation management programs.  A breadth of experience in public policy, finance, utilities, public administration, green building and environmental systems. Experience serving elected officials and the public.
 Additional Information:
Please submit a cover letter and resume with your application.

This position is grant funded and has guaranteed full-time funding through 2012.  Continuation of the position at full-time status beyond 2012 is dependent upon obtaining additional funding.

NOTE: The title, salary and position status is subject to final classification approval.


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