Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jonsson Receives Roderick R. Kirwood Award for Meritorious Service

The ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter established the Roderick R. Kirkwood Award for Meritorious Service in 1975 in honor of Mr. Kirkwood, who served as ASHRAE Society President in 1973-1974 and as President of ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter in 1962.

This award may be given annually, in recognition of exemplary volunteer efforts in our chapter, at the discretion of the Chapter President, and often recognizes work that has been performed behind the scenes, of which the general membership may not be aware.

This year’s award goes to an individual that has distinguished herself as a consummate team player. During this past year, and throughout my tenure on the chapter’s board of governors, she has shown extraordinary initiative and dedication to furthering the local mission of ASHRAE, volunteering a significant amount of her time and life energy towards this end.

As a past-president and member of the Puget Sound Chapter Board of Governors, much of her work has been visible to the general chapter membership. However, an even greater amount of work has been performed behind the scenes through support and mentoring of numerous board members and committee chairs. She has contributed to the planning of numerous chapter events and has played a lead role in the Chapter’s outreach to other organizations in an effort to foster collaboration and teamwork among design professionals in the Puget Sound region.

Her volunteer service to our chapter has, is, and I trust will continue to be truly exemplary, and an inspiration to all of us who have had the privilege to serve with her over the years.

The recipient of the ASHRAE Puget Sound Chapter’s Roderick R. Kirkwood Award for 2010-2011 is Leslie Jonsson.

Leslie Jonsson is presented the Roderick R. Kirkwood Award for Meritorious Service at the May 11, 2011 chapter meeting.

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