Saturday, July 9, 2011

2010-2011 Chapter Volunteers Recognized at May Meeting

Chapter Officers, Board of Governors and committee chairs were recognized at the May meeting. These individuals, with the support of many other volunteers, made 2010-2011 a very successful year for Puget Sound Chapter.

Thank you for your service!

2010-2011 Chapter volunteers recognized at the May chapter meeting (L-R): Rand Conger, Honors & Awards Chair, Directory & Roster; Alan Burt, Chapter Treasurer, YEA Chair; Scott Schorn, Punch List Editor; Tamas Bencsik, Governor, PAOE Chair; Brian Wolford, President-Elect, Programs Chair; Jim Sinclair, Nominations Chair; Kathi Shoemake, TEGA Chair; Gary Robertson, Membership Promotion Chair; Leslie Jonsson, Past-President/Governor, Research Promotion Chair; Scott Sherman, Audit Committee Chair, Webmaster; Luna Michael, Chapter Historian; Michel Sotura, Governor, Receptions & Arrangements Chair; David Landers, Chapter President.

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