Monday, June 14, 2010

State Energy Code Implementation Delay!

A special meeting was held on June 11 by the State Building Code Council after its regular council meeting to discuss the Governor’s request regarding postponing the start date of the State Energy Code. The Council voted unanimously for emergency rule making on the State Energy Code. This means that the July 2010 Energy Code will not go into effect until October 28, 2010. The Council also voted unanimously to implement the July 2010 Energy Code no later than April 1, 2011. By going into emergency rule making, the Council will have the time to determine the ideal time to implement the 2010 State Energy Code.

The next State Building Code Council meeting is on September 10 in Spokane.

The council is also overseeing the Strategic Plan for Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions form Homes, Buildings, Districts and Neighborhoods per the Legislatures direction to the Department of Commerce. There are weekly webinars and monthly workgroup meetings to help develop the plan and everyone in the public is welcome to attend them. The link is

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