Monday, June 21, 2010

2009 Seattle Energy Code

2009 Seattle Energy Code: consensus to move ahead with 2009 SEC using 2009 WSEC as base

The fourteenth public review meeting for the draft 2009 Seattle Energy Code took place this morning (June 21, 2010).
- The topic was a review of a 2009 Seattle Energy Code proposed as amendments to the 2006 Seattle Energy Code (rather than amendments to the 2009 WSEC).
- However, at the end of the discussion, there was a strong consensus to move ahead with adoption of the 2009 Seattle Energy Code (SEC) now, and to use the 2009 Washington State Energy Code as the base document (rather than using the 2006 SEC as a base).

Consequently, City staff will now proceed on the course that was being followed last month, to propose an ordinance based on the document that included the modifications recommended by CCAB at their meeting on 20 May 2010. The implications for this path (and all dates are tentative and depend on the Mayor and City Council calendar) are:
- July: Mayor submits ordinance to City Council.
- August: City Council committee meeting later in the month.
- September: vote by full City Council and signature by the Mayor by the end of the month
- October: ordinance is effective 30 days after signature
Here the road splits:
- Nonresidential spaces: ordinance likely to contain an additional grace period, perhaps the effective date would match up with the update to the other Seattle construction codes.
- Residential spaces: requirements to take effect on the date specified by the Washington State Building Code Council.

Notwithstanding the above, we will still accept written comments on using the 2006 Seattle Energy Code as a base and have a public review meeting to discuss the comments.

The deadline for written comments is Monday, 5 July 2010. Submit comments by
• E-mail to, or
• Fax to John Hogan at 206-386-4039, or
• Mail to John Hogan, Seattle DPD, 700 Fifth Ave, P.O Box 34019, Seattle 98124-4019
If possible, please propose specific language changes with underline to indicate new language and strikethrough to indicate deletions.

The public review meeting to discuss any comments will take place on the 40th floor of the Seattle Municipal Tower (SMT), 700 Fifth Avenue, Seattle.
6 July 2010 (Tuesday) SMT-4050, 1:30-3:30 pm: review of written comments

CCAB discussion is scheduled for 15 July 2010. DPD would then consider these recommendations and forward an ordinance to the Mayor and City Council shortly thereafter. City Council consideration would occur later this summer, with an effective date in the fall.

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