Friday, April 30, 2010

Draft 2009 Seattle Energy Code

The thirteenth public review meeting for the draft 2009 Seattle Energy Code took place Wednesday afternoon (April 28). (note: this draft version has been superceded. Go to to access the most current version).

- The topic was a review and discussion of comments received by the 27 April 2010 written comment deadline.

After three months of public review, the draft 2009 Seattle Energy Code is moving to the next phase in the process.
- We wish to offer our sincere appreciation to those who attended the public meetings and/or submitted written comments. Through sharing your expertise, you’ve helped ensure that the Seattle Energy Code is enforceable and results in energy efficient buildings.

DPD and Seattle City Light staff met today to decide on initial staff recommendations to the Construction Code Advisory Board (CCAB) for the 2009 Seattle Energy code. The attached document contains those recommendations and is intended to be the basis for CCAB discussions. Based on written comments received and discussion on Wednesday during the public review of those comments, revisions have been made to the following sections:
- 1202: add exception to allow alternate metering scheme for large healthcare facilities, require commissioning of metering system.
- 1203: for existing buildings, limit data acquisition systems and energy display to those over 50,000 ft2.
- 1314.6.2: require air leakage testing for all buildings (not only those over five stories), projects required to test but not required to achieve a certain performance.
- 1322: clarification of nominal R-value compliance alternates for wall assemblies with thermal bridging (with companion changes to Table 13-1).
- 1412.8.2: allow demand based or setback control for ventilation in laboratories.
- 1416.3.3: add metering to list of systems to be commissioned.
- 1435: add exhaust fans to list of fans that need variable speed drive for systems to qualify for exception 2 to the simultaneous heating and cooling requirements.
- RS-29, 2.5: add building official discretion to approve use of the exceptional savings route for more than one-half of the energy savings.

This document has been forwarded to CCAB. The CCAB meeting to discuss the draft 2009 Seattle Energy Code is scheduled for 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm on Thursday, 6 May 2010, in room 2240 (22nd floor) of the Seattle Municipal Tower at 700 Fifth Avenue. The meeting is open to the public.

Again, thank you all for your participation and contributions to the 2009 Seattle Energy Code,
John Hogan

For your use as well is the 2009 Washington State Energy Code: Available online now at:

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