Monday, March 11, 2013

TEGA Case Study Tour, Bullitt Center

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Class Credits
2 CEHs / 2 HSWs

March 26, 4-6PM

1501 East Madison Street, Seattle
Meet in front of building's main entrance promptly at 4PM.

$5 AIA and ASHRAE Members
$40 non-members


COTE/What Makes It Green? Case Study Tour, Bullitt Center
Presented in collaboration with Puget Sound ASHRAE TEGA
Nearing completion in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Bullitt Center is a 50,000 SF commercial office building that will be the greenest urban office building in the world. A tight, well-insulated envelope with triple glazed operable windows helps keep the heat in and cold out in the winter. When it's too hot or cold outside to open the windows for fresh air, an energy efficient heat recovery ventilator takes over. Space and water heating is provided by a ground source heat pump that taps into the steady warmth of the earth using 26, 400-foot deep wells beneath the building. The building's 242 KW PV array harvests from the sun as much energy every year as the building uses for all purposes, an important feat for a 6-story building in cloudy Seattle. Rainwater that falls on its roof is collected and stored in a 56,000 gallon cistern in it basement, purified, and supplied to sinks and showers in the building. Composting toilets virtually eliminate water demand for flushing. Gray water from sinks and showers is treated through a constructed wetland on a third floor terrace before returning it to the groundwater, along with surplus rainwater in the winter. The building is largely constructed with regionally sourced materials and contains no toxic substances.
The Bullitt Center is a trail-blazing project to prove and showcase technology and processes for creating buildings fit for the challenges of the 21st Century. Its ultimate purpose is to catalyze the development of the next generation of ultra high-performance buildings in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
“One building off by itself has zero impact on the world’s climate but a building that is influential and begins to change the way that architects, engineers, contractors, developers and financial institutions shape the built environment, that’s a building that was worth building.”
-----Denis Hayes, President of the Bullitt Foundation

Robert Pena
Rob Peña is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington. He teaches architectural design and environmental control systems courses, with an emphasis on ecological design and high-performance buildings. Rob’s work with the IDL involves design consulting and analysis of high performance buildings, as well methods for measuring and analyzing building performance. Rob is the former director of Ecological Design Consulting for Van der Ryn Architects and the Ecological Design Institute in Sausalito, California.
Robert Willis
Robert Willis is Director of Sustainable Services at PSF Mechanical. He is a member of the USGBC and the Green Building Initiative and has driven the incorporation of sustainable design throughout his career. On the Bullitt Center project, Robert served as PSF’s Senior Project Manager, working closely with the team on design, value engineering, and constructability issues.
Brian Court
Brian attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia for his undergraduate degree and the University of Washington for his masters in architecture in 2002. Brian began working at Miller Hull as an intern while still enrolled at the UW. He continued on full time after graduation and has served as the project architect for numerous single and multi-family residential projects, urban infill projects, large institutional and higher education projects as well as waterfront projects. In 2005, he was named an Associate.

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