Friday, November 9, 2012

Project Delivery Forum: Changing Your Practice

Changing options for project delivery transform how we manage our clients, our staff, our liabilities. The available tools and technology to deliver successful projects are developing at an exponential pace. Managing multiple delivery methods in the same office becomes increasingly complex, raising not only logistical and managerial issues, but also critical legal and insurance concerns. Join a series of industry expert panels and presenters to examine the present and the future of project delivery, see the latest technologies at work, and learn how to best incentivize collaboration and share accountability while raising the bar on performance.
The 2011 AIA IPD conference drew 200 passionate and interested professionals for a day of insights, education and lively dialog. Join this year’s interdisciplinary discussion about trends in project delivery and how they affect the way we will design and build in the next decade.
Keynote Speaker:
Erleen Hatfield AIA, PE LEED BSAS, MSCE
Principal, Buro Happold, New York
Erleen joined Buro Happold in 2009 as principal in the New York office. She has over 18 years of experience in the structural design of a range of complex projects including sports facilities, commercial, residential, and academic buildings. She frequently lectures on innovation and new technologies in engineering and architecture, including Building Information Modeling and new collaboration processes.
She sits on numerous national industry committees including the American Institute of Steel Construction Building Information Modeling Committee, the American Concrete Institute Committee on BIM and the Applied Technology Council-Committee 81. Locally in New York, she is the co-chair of the American Institute of Architects New York Technology Committee and a past director of the Structural Engineers Association of New York. In addition, she teaches graduate architecture classes at Yale University and gives regular lectures at Pratt University, New York. She is a registered professional engineer.
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