Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 19, 2012

Investment and Energy Saving Opportunities in Variable Flow Systems
Join seminar instructor Bjarne Andreasen as he draws on over 25 years of hydronic experience to discuss variable flow techniques that can provide energy savings and/or reduce installation costs. Seminar discussions include: 

Main Areas of Energy Use
Review of components, efficiencies and operating requirements of equipment like chillers and boilers.

Terminal Units
Specifics of variable flow in terminal units, as well as room temperature control,
will be reviewed. Focus areas will be global control characteristic curves and
factors allowing stable and accurate control.

Variable Speed Pumps (VSPs)
Solutions involving different control modes, Dp sensor locations, and multiple
sensors will be compared and analyzed for their impact on system controllability.
We will examine the optimum use of Dp control.
Primary-Secondary vs. Variable Primary Flow
We will discuss some critical issues like hydronic interactivity between chillers
and sizing of bypass line and control valves.

Benefits of Attending:

• Technical presentations and professional networking
• Q&A session with experienced instructors
• Drawing to win two FREE game tickets!
• Refreshments and dinner• Attendees receive certificate of attendance, and the book
“Total Hydronic Balancing” by Robert Petitjean — a $100 value

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