Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Seattle DPD Energy Code and Conservation Advisor

As many of you know, John Hogan has retired from the City of Seattle DPD. He forwarded the following email regarding his replacement as the Energy Code and Conservation Adviser:

Below is an announcement from Jon Siu that I’m forwarding.
-          DPD will provide an e-mail address and telephone number for Duane when those are determined in January.

John (Hogan)

DPD is very pleased to announce that we’ve hired Duane Jonlin to fill the position of Energy Code and Conservation Advisor.   This position (previously filled by the now-retired John Hogan) is responsible for helping formulate the City’s policies regarding the energy code, developing the Seattle Energy Code, and influencing the direction of the national energy codes.  

Duane is a licensed architect and (now former) principal at NBBJ Architects here in Seattle, where for the past 14-plus years his job has been to oversee the program that ensures the projects designed by the firm comply with the construction codes.  In coming to DPD, Duane knows his focus will be much more limited than his previous job, but he also knows there is a lot to be done in the energy code arena, and wants to make a difference, not just for now but also for the future.  From talking with Duane, we believe he brings a passion for this work with him, plus a great balance of vision and practicality—he wants to advance the code, yet also wants to make sure what is in the code will actually work, and brings plenty of ideas as to how to make that happen.

We’re very excited to have such a high-quality candidate in Duane joining us.  His first day with DPD will be January 4.

Welcome, Duane!

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