Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ASHRAE - Letter from The President

Dear ASHRAE Members

On June 10, 2011, ASHRAE and the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB— sent a joint letter to both memberships indicating our common goal of improving building performance and, in furtherance of that goal, that we were considering consolidating the two organizations. The main purpose of that letter was to include everyone in the discussion. To promote an open discussion we set up an email alias that received close to 400 individual comments and held an “open mic” forum at the Sunday Board of Directors meeting at the 2012 Annual Conference in MontrĂ©al.

First, I would like to thank all those who have participated in the discussion so far! We have not been able to respond individually to each comment, but rest assured all comments are being shared with each Board member. Your input is exactly what we need as we move forward. I would also like to confirm that no action was taken by the Board in Montréal, nor was any intended. We are still very early in these discussions. In fact, we are so early in the discussions that many of you asked questions we do not yet have answers for. We apologize for the lack of information in our first letter but felt it was critical to have an open, transparent discussion with all members of both organizations prior to the commencement of the negotiations.

The most common question asked is “why?” Both organizations share a belief that most buildings do not meet their potential. Our discussions have always been centered on how we could make all buildings deliver optimal performance. We each felt that by joining our two strong organizations we could create a nucleus that would strive to deliver true optimal performance. We have also agreed that to reach our goal, more organizations than just NEBB and ASHRAE need to be involved.

Based on the input we received from our joint memberships, the negotiating team has recommended to both the NEBB and ASHRAE Boards that we reach out into our industry to gather input and support from other organizations. Instead of focusing on a NEBB/ASHRAE consolidation, we are now working to build a coalition of organizations that together can influence and shape building practices to deliver buildings that consistently perform as designed. Over the next few months, we will discuss our goals with likeminded organizations.

Your continued input is critical so please share your thoughts on how we can act boldly and decisively on reaching the goal of making every building perform at its highest potential.

Ron Jarnagin
2011–12 ASHRAE President

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