Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2009 Seattle Energy Code - draft Director's Rule

Attached (actually click on the image below to go to a pdf copy) is a DRAFT of Director's Rule 11-2011, Alternate Means of Compliance to Energy Code Requirements for On-Site Renewable Energy Systems (DR2011-11, 2011-04-20 draft.docx).

  • Please provide any comments to me by 28 April 2011.

Background for Directors Rule 11-2011

  • Chapter 16, On-Site Renewable Energy Systems, of the 2009 Seattle Energy Code was adopted with a condition for implementation. Section 1601 requires that Chapter 16 is to take effect when a Directors Rule is published that provides alternate means of compliance. Section 1631 then contains more specific guidance. (The text from Section 1631 is included at the beginning of the draft Directors Rule.)

  • The draft rule provides two alternate means of compliance.

  • Note that the two alternate means of compliance contained in the attached draft Directors Rule were discussed during the public review last year. Further, CCAB previously endorsed these two alternates as part of the overall 2009 Seattle Energy Code package.

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