Friday, December 10, 2010

AIA + 2030 Professional Series 3

AIA + 2030 Professional Series 3

AIA Seattle, a Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, is taking tangible steps toward reaching the 2030 Challenge. One of those steps is creating the AIA+2030 Professional Series™, a 10-part series of intermediate-level professional development courses designed to provide specific ways to make our built environment energy-efficient. However, architects can’t do it alone. It will take engineers, construction professionals, facilities managers, policymakers, and more to reach our goal and all are invited to participate in the series. The third year of the AIA+2030 Professional Education Series™ is produced by AIA Seattle in partnership with Architecture 2030® and BetterBricks and is sponsored by the City of Seattle’s City Green Building, Wood Harbinger, MacDonald Miller Facility Solutions, Interface Engineering, and PAE Consulting Engineers.

AIA Seattle has already heard positive feedback from previous participants:

“One of the most significant and usable workshop programs I have seen so far for actually incorporating the specifics of Architecture 2030 into our work. We have had multiple staff in our office lined up to attend. Great series, great benefit."

“This knowledge is critical for everyone in our industry. Very inspiring”

“I am going to take on more challenging projects now”



Feb 25, 2011 The 2030 Challenge: Setting + Achieving Energy Goals with Integrated Design
Mar 25, 2011 Getting to 60: The Power of Targets + Load Reduction
Apr 15, 2011 Accentuate the Positive: Climate Responsive Design
May 6, 2011 Skins: The Importance of the Thermal Envelope
Jun 3, 2011 Aggressively Passive: Employing Passive Systems for Load Reduction
Jun 24, 2011 Illuminating Savings: Daylighting and Integrated Lighting Strategies
Jul 22, 2011 Right-sized: Equipment and Controls for Super-Efficient Building Systems
Aug 19, 2011 Site Power: Renewable Energy Opportunities
Sep 16, 2011 The Hand-Off + Staying in Shape: Operations, Maintenance + Education
Oct 14, 2011 Putting it All Together: Achieving 2030 Goals on the Project and at the Office

TIME: All Sessions held from 8.30am-12.30pm

LOCATION: All classes held at the Bertha Knight Landes Room at
Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

COST: 10-session package:
$800 AIA Members
$400 AIA Associates
$1,200 Non-members

NOTE: Registration is for the entire series only.


LEARNING UNITS: 40LU/40HSW/40SD for the series (4LU/4HSW/4SD per class).

MORE INFORMATION: Cassandra Delaune, AIA+ 2030 Program Manager, (206) 448-4938 ext. 106

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