Thursday, October 7, 2010

AIA Seattle - BIM Sharing Agreements

BIM Sharing Agreements
How to overcome your reluctance to share

Do you have the contract you need to share your BIM files in the new collaborative design/construction business model?

Then join the AIA Seattle Practice and Ethics Committee and their guest speakers to discuss the common reluctance to share BIM files, and if BIM sharing agreements can overcome copyright and liability concerns.

Round table discussion guest speakers will include:

Grace Han Stanton, partner with Perkins Coie, focusing on copyright law,
C. Scott Penner, principal at Carney Badley Spellman P.S., focusing on design professional’s defense.
Tom Owens, principal and general counsel with NBBJ, focusing on IPD and BIM agreements.
Ron Rochon AIA, LEED AP partner at The Miller/Hill Partnership focusing on BIM sharing.
Dace Campbell AIA LEED AP with BN Builders focusing on integrated delivery.
Morgan West Jr., executive vice president at Kibble & Prentice Inc., focusing on professional liability insurance.

We will combine an architect, contractor, and in house counsel who are sharing BIM files today with attorneys who specialize in copyright and design professional defense and a professional liability insurance agent to give you a complete status report of what is going on with BIM file sharing. You will find out why the existing BIM file sharing agreements from the AIA and ConsensusDocs do or don’t work for your firm and your project, what you need to add or change, and how to talk with your attorney to feel comfortable about sharing your BIM files.

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