Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2009 Seattle Codes

The 2009 Seattle Building, Existing Building, Residential, Mechanical, and Fuel Gas codes are scheduled for the City Council Committee on the Built Environment this Thursday, August 5. We expect the Committee to vote to recommend approval of the legislation at this meeting. The full City Council will most likely vote on either Monday, August 9 or 16. The Mayor then will sign it within 10 days, and it will take effect 30 days after his signature. So, while we still don't know the exact date the codes will take effect, unless something very unusual happens it will be sometime in the middle of September. As usual, we are allowing an additional 60 days during which applicants can choose whether to use the 2006 or 2009 codes, so the final date on which compliance with the 2009 codes will be required will be in the middle of November. I'll send another message as soon as I know more.

The proposed legislation is posted on DPD's website http://www.seattle.gov/DPD/Codes/Technical_Codes/Overview/

The 2009 Seattle Energy Code is on a slightly different schedule, but we hope it will take effect by the end of the other codes' 60-day 'grace' period. In case you haven't heard, the State Building Code Council, at the request of Governor Gregoire, is delaying the effective date of the 2009 State Energy Code. In October they'll decide the date. DPD is recommending to the Mayor and City Council that we adopt nonresidential energy code provisions, including the 2009 State Energy Code and Seattle amendments that we'd developed before the state decided to delay.

If you have any questions, please contact me at maureen.traxler@seattle.gov


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