Wednesday, September 2, 2009


for Large Office Buildings and Multi-family Towers

A seminar for developers, architects, and engineers,

Christopher Meek, AIA Tom Marseille, P.E.
Daylighting Lab Director Principal
The Integrated Design Lab Stantec Engineers, Inc.

October 9, 2009
10:00 to 3:00, includes lunch

The Bertha Landes Room
Seattle City Hall, 600 5th Avenue, Seattle

Use of natural light for interior illumination has been integral to architecture since before the time of the Romans, but the field continues to evolve. Daylighting design challenges and stimulates us as it brings together the worlds of aesthetics, function, and energy efficiency, at the interface between nature and man-made environments.
This seminar examines daylighting from multiple angles, presenting basic design principles illustrated by examples from history and some of the most recent construction. Because daylighting is intrinsically interdisciplinary, information about new technologies and analytical tools are pulled from several branches of design. Tom Marseille will address the interface between daylighting and overall energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting. Topics will include actuated interior and exterior shades, and daylighting controls.

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The cost of the seminar is $30 including lunch.
~ Please Register Before October 5th. ~

Sponsored by the Integrated Design Lab, Seattle City Light, Stantec, and Better Bricks

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