Thursday, November 1, 2007

Energy Newsbriefs

Energy Newsbriefs is a weekly summary of energy news, articles, research, tools and resources produced by the EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse. It is produced with effort from the Washington State University Energy Outreach Program and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Each week subscribers recieve a collection of interesting links that deal with energy savings ideas or developements in the Sustainability field.

This week's issue includes articles on:
  • Top 10 LEED® projects

  • DOE announces $44 million for net-zero housing

  • Alternative 'alternative' energy

  • The Do's and dont's of compact flourescent lights

  • 'Green' plastics

  • Geothermal sustainability

I find the newsletter to be an informative and inspiring read. You may be interested in signing up

You can read the current issue or subscribe here.

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