Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Posting Guidelines

The Puget Sound ASHRAE blog is a service to our members to facilitate communication between the members and the committee chairs and Board of Governors, as well as to foster communications and build relationships between members of the Puget Sound Chapter of ASHRAE (PSASHRAE).

In order to encourage that goal, certain guidelines shall be followed and certain understandings should be stated.

The community comments sections are intended for the use of PSASHRAE members. Others are encouraged to contribute, but PSASHRAE reserves the right to limit the posting privileges to members at any time.

Posters are encouraged to post with identifying information in their posts to facilitate off-site communication between other members of our organization. Anonymous postings, however, will not be deleted simply because they are anonymous as long as they respect the posting guidelines. Impersonating other posters or members of PSASHRAE is strictly forbidden and would be grounds for immediate revocation of posting privileges.

Opinions and statments in the comments sections represent the views of the poster alone, and do not reflect the views of the PSASHRAE organization, the Board Members or Committee Chairs, or of ASHRAE Society. Statements in the comments sections by chapter officers likewise shall be interpreted to reflect the personal views of that individual only, and shall not be interpreted to reflect the views of Society or the Chapter

PSASHRAE reserves the right to moderate user comments and delete any comments for any reason. Comments that are abusive in nature, offensive or otherwise disruptive are subject to removal.

PSASHRAE reserves the right to remove comments that do not foster ASHRAE's mission, or violate the spirit of Society's non-commercialism policy.

A note on political speech: ASHRAE is a non-partisan organization. This blog is not intended to be a platform for political action--If that is your interest there are many outlets available elsewhere on the web. Any overt campaigning or advocacy for political candidates, parties, causes or legislation will be subject to deletion. Comments that are informational in nature (i.e. "Representative John Doe has introduced a bill that would affect such-and-such a building type in such-and-such a way") are generally acceptable, but please understand that the line between reportage and advocacy is a fine one and one that is drawn in different places by different people. Please understand if a post of yours in this nature is deleted, or if a post by another that you feel crosses the line is not.

Generally, posts that deal strictly with educational, informational or technical matters are encouraged. There are areas, however, where even these sorts of comments can skirt close to political issues. A potential source of conflict would be the current emphasis ASHRAE Society is putting on Sustainability. If you are unaware of the position Society is taking on such matters, we refer you to the ASHRAE position statements. In cases of conflict, these documents can be used to help guide any decision by the moderators.

This blog is intended to be a self-policing community. The board cannot monitor every single comment made by every poster. If you observe posts that you feel are detrimental to the goals of our organization or otherwise disruptive to our community, please notify a board member. But keep in mind that this service is intended to foster open communications between members and between members and the board. A heavy moderator presence is not conducive to this goal. All comments are the opinions of the individuals using this site and should be viewed in this manner.

Please also feel free to submit comments or suggestions for the betterment of this service, the chapter in general, or for improvement in our pursuit of the ASHRAE mission.

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